Test box building, MWD pig tails, potting/encapsulations, staking, damming and conformal coating are part of our services. Canyon can help with failure analysis by tweaking your process for strengthening the weakest link.

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Canyon Manufacturing Services
offers high temp soldering in lead-free, HMP and gold/tin alloys. Cable assemblies can be crimped or soldered, tested using Cirris Harness Testers.      

High Reliability PCB  Assembly:

Canyons specialty is high-reliability electronics for the energy industry. Our founders and key personnel have been engaged for decades in high-performance electronics used in extreme environments. The markets we serve include marine, off-shore, drilling, seismic, MWD/LWD, wireline and many more.

Manufacturing Services:

  • Pre-production & Pilot Builds

  • Production PCB Assembly (SMT & PTH)

  • Wiring Harness & Cable Assembly

  • System Testing & Qualification

  • Box Build

  • Conformal Coating

  • Integration & Test

  • Repair, Rework & Upgrades



Testing and Support Services


Our personnel have a diverse background in the oil and gas industry and understand the challenges that this industry faces. Let us help you to produce high quality product that meets your reliability needs. 


  • Component Screening

  • Functional Test

  • Environmental Stress Screening

  • Automated Test Fixture Design

  • XRF Spectrometry



SMT Assembly


Lead-free (ROHS) pick & place with new DEK, MYDATA & Heller Equipment plus through-hole with new K.I.S.S.- 104 Nitrogen Inert selective solder machine.


  • DEK-Screen Printer

  • MYDATA MY100 LX Pick & Place

  • Ace "K.I.S.S.-104" N2 Selective Solder


Hand Build:

HMP (255° C working temperature solder alloy) and gold alloy can only be successfully employed by hand soldering. Canyon Manufacturing Services' IPC trained & certified assemblers use microscopes and the very best soldering equipment to build Class 3+ PCBs. Carefully prepared boards and components are assembled in a manner that reduces thermal stresses found in automated reflow.


 Mechanical Assembly

Canyon Manufacturing Services has wide electronic and component manufacturing experience and can assist in developing new processes and products.


  • Coil Build- Pot & Test @25KPSI

  • Oven Cryogenic Process

  • Handling Tools



Mixed Technology


Canyon Manufacturing Services has wide electronic and component manufacturing experience that can assist in developing new processes and products.


Box Builds

  • Formed Sheet Metal

  • Machined Plastic "Off the Shelf"

  • Pre Fabbed Box

Cable Assembly

  • High Temp with High Pressure Connectors

  • Pigtails- Overmolded

  • Conventional Downhole Chassis

Box Builds

  • Gamma

  • Pulser